Beginner Bank Wars

Beginner Bank Wars

As you know, small fry does not even begin to describe where I am now in my aim for greatness in the vast Planet Business. The point is I will one day be great and a huge success and I believe there is nothing better than starting today.

Carried on those words of future hope and belief, I need to start at the very bottom. Opening an account for my business. Now there are many merits for doing so including (and most importantly for me) being able to manage the cash flow from my business ventures. (I tend to justify why I can dip into this pot for personal use and this is a major NO NO).

Now I LOVE my bank – Absa. Absa has been so good to me as a personal client and my allegiance really does lie with them, however, many people think I am totally loopy for bearing my heart to a company that has recently lost its major investor Barclays.

Today I sit weighing up my options, comparing the four major banks: ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank and Nedbank.

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